Klarus RS80 Car Charger -12-24V Input – 8.4V Output



Brand: Klarus

Klarus RS80 Car Charger

Cruising through the night in a Ferarri Testarossa, your headlights pierce the darkness of a dim moonlit night. The only sounds you hear are the slow steady rumble of nearby ocean waves and the constant gutteral growl of the 12-cylinder engine. A thought occurs to you on this hot Miami night in 1984 – My Klarus RS80 spotlight just ran out of power. There is no panic, however. Calmly you reach inside your glovebox and make contact with a slick rope of plastic, the answer to your prayers, theĀ Klarus RS80 Car Charger. In one smooth action you jam the 12-volt cord in to the cigarette lighter, and the other end in to the lithium-ion battery pack of the RS80, now your supercar and superlight are one – the ultimate combination of technology.


  • Sturdy plastic construction
  • 9V Input
  • Compatible with Klarus RS80 spotlight

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