ETX15L Deka PowerSport Battery

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High Performance Absorbed Glass Mat Power Sports Battery

The Deka Intimidator ETX15L Power Sports AGM battery prodvide the highest convenience, easiest installation and the best premium maintenance-free performance in the industry with no activation, no acid filling and plenty of power! The ETX15L Intimidator Battery has a spill and leak proof case for premium protection for the rider as well as your power sport vehicle.


Cold Cranking Amps 220 CCA
Ah Rate 14 Ah
Charge Rate 3.0 Amps
Weight (Approx.) 11 Lbs
Warranty 12 Month


Length 5 1/4″
Width 3 1/2″
Height 6 9/16″


  • Superior Vibration Resistance – Protects against long trips, off-road travel and pounding waves
  • 2x the Cycle Life – Compared to conventional batteries
  • Lower Internal Resistance – Higher discharge rates for faster starts
  • Low Self-Discharging Rate – Longer off-season storage
  • Spillproof Design – Protects the rider, equipment and environment

What makes the ETX15L Deka Intimidator better than the competition?

  • Safety Relief Valve System
    • Ensures no-leak safety and extends premium performance
  • Molded Top and Side Connection Terminals
    • Provides ease of installation, increased strength and durability
  • Fortified Posts, Straps and Welds
    • Premium Resistance to vibration damage and maximum current transfer

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