Energizer Ultimate L92 (2SHK) AAA 1250mAh 1.5V High Energy 1.5A Lithium (LiFeS2) Button Top Batteries – 2 Piece Shrink Wrap (200 Shrinks per Case)



Item #: ENERGIZER-L92-F2SHK Brand: Energizer

Energizer L92 Batteries

Now in Shrink-Wrapped Packaging

These Energizer L92 AAA batteries are wrapped side-by-side in sets of two, which prevents the terminals from touching while in transit or in storage. These shrink wrapped wholesale quantity batteries are the perfect pick-up for OEM, heavy industrial and government use. Thanks to the long lasting power of lithium chemistry, you can be sure that your customer or end user is getting the very best quality experience.

Same Great Power and Longevity

These Energizer L92 AAA batteries are still made from lithium iron disulfide and still offer am impressive 20-year shelf life. Additionally, these non-rechargeable cells work in extreme temperatures and are resistant to leaks. The ultra-high 1250mAh capacity is still nine-times better than standard alkaline cells. Clearly, Energizer L92 AAA batteries are the best power source for your high-drain electronics.

Features and Specifications:

  • Lasts up to 8x longer compares to regular Alkaline AAA battery in digital cameras (vs. Energizer MAX batteries)
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range: Perform in extreme temperatures from -40°F to 140°F
  • Long Shelf Life: 20 years
  • Shrink wrapping is great for easy storing and transporting
  • Packaged 200 shrinks per case for larger orders
  • Size: AAA
  • Battery Chemistry: Lithium / Iron Disulfide (Primary / Single Use)
  • Voltage: 1.5V (1.72V initial peak)
  • Capacity: 1250mAh Ultra High Capacity; twice run-time compares to normal AA Alkaline battery
  • Max discharge: 1.0A continuous, 1.5A pulse (2sec on / 8 sec off)
  • Weight: 0.3 oz or 7.8grams, 25% less than Alkaline AAA
  • Cross-Reference: L92, L92-BP2, L92BP-2 Energizer L92, L92-BP2, L92BP-2, L92VP, L92-VP, L92BP-4
  • Battery Dimensions: Diameter 10.5 mm (0.4″) x Height 44 mm (1.7″)


Battery Size: AAA
Battery Capacity (mAh): 1250
Battery Chemistry: Lithium
Battery Voltage: 1.5
Battery Terminal Type: Button Top
Battery Shelf Life: 20 Years
Packaging: Shrink Pack
Brand: Energizer
Warranty: Battery Junction 30-Day Warranty
Return Policy: Battery Junction Return Policy
Product Weight: 0.268oz
Product Dimensions: 1.752″ (L) x 0.413″ (Diameter)
UPC: 0736952852892
Country of Origin: SG
Associated Battery Sizes: 24A, 24D, 24LF, 3AAA, 824, AAA, AL-AAA, AM4, E92, EN92, FR03, K3A, L92, LR03, LR03XWA, MN2400, MX2400, PC2400, R03, Triple A, UM4

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