Battery Tender 4 Bank 12 Volt 1.25A 022-0148-DL-WH


Item #022-0148-dl-




The 4 Bank International Battery Tender Charging Station! Operates Anywhere in the World! The 4 Bank Battery Tender Charging Station is four encased 1.25 amp battery chargers designed to fully charge a battery and maintain it at proper storage voltage without the damaging effects caused by trickle chargers. This charger will operate anywhere in the world!
? Optimal 3 Step Charging
? Built-in Mode Indicators
? Spark Free Hook Up
? Reverse Polarity Protection
? Short Circuit Protection
? Line Regulation
? Temperature Compensation
? 2 Year Warranty
?Enclosure: 94VO Flame Retardant Polymer
?Output Banks: 4
?Max Current, During Bulk Charge: 1.25 A
?Absorption Voltage: 14.4 V
?AC Input Volts: 100?240 VAC
?AC Input Volts Freq.: 50/60 Hz
?Float Voltage: 13.2 V
?Maximum Power (+/- 3%) @ 25?C: 18 W
?Working Temperature Range: -20 ? to 50 ?C
?Temperature Compensation: yes
?Regulatory Approval: UL

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