ASP Micro Flex USB to Micro-USB Charging Cord



Item #:ASP-53046 Brand:ASP

ASP Micro Flex
Portable USB Adapter

Fast charging action for your ASP flashlights, the ASP Micro Flex is a portable USB to micro USB charging cord that attaches to any key ring. The USB cable is standard and will not only charge your ASP flashlight but also any other electronic device that requires USB power. Unlike common USB connectors, the Micro Flex has a reversible plug design that allows it to connect regardless of which side is “up”, no more turning the cable over several times to figure it out! While not in use the cable store away safely inside internal protective caps that keep dust and dirt out.


  • USB to micro USB connection
  • Flex cord can extend up to 3 inches
  • Reversible plugs
  • Protective keyring carrier
  • Compatible with ASP flashlights and other electronics

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