16 Volt Charger AGM25A19V


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The AGM25A19V is a fully automatic 16 volt charger with a 25 amp max output for charging the AGM Series sealed, maintenance free TurboStart 16 volt Racing or Car Audio batteries (battery part# S16V, S16A). The fully automatic feature eliminates the risk of overcharge by automatically adjusting the charge current relative to the battery?s state of charge. With a 25 amp maximum output, the AGM25A19V provides fast charge recovery between rounds of competition and will shut off automatically once the battery reaches full charge.

Features include LED charge status indicators, amp gauge, and heavy duty 500 amp terminal clamps along with a 1 year guarantee.

The AGM25A19V AGM Series 16 volt charger is designed for use with the AGM Series sealed, maintenance free 16 volt battery types only (battery part # S16V, S16A).

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