Streamlight Strion 6 Unit Bank Charger



Brand: Streamlight

Streamlight Strion 6 Bay Charger

Multiple Flashlight Charging Port

For emergency professionals such as police, firemen and first responders, keeping your flashlights charged up should be the last thing on your mind. Streamlight has made it easy for organizations to charge Strion model flashlights with thisĀ Strion 6 Bay Charger. This charger comes in both AC and DC power variations, so it can be installed in any office, workshop or vehicle! Up to six Strion flashlights can be charged at a time, making it convenient to pull out a backup and get to work.


  • Charges up to six Strion flashlights (74400)
  • AC and DC Versions available
  • Great for mounting in an office or vehicle
  • Rugged Streamlight construction

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