Odyssey PC680 Hold Down Kit


Item #: HK-PC680

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Keep your vehicle moving – not your battery

You’ve got an ODYSSEY® Extreme Series™ battery, designed and built to withstand vibration that can quickly weaken and destroy a conventional design battery. Now get the ODYSSEY Battery Hold Down Kit, custom designed to keep your battery in place, no matter how rough the ride.

Custom made for a range of specialty ODYSSEY Extreme Series batteries, the ODYSSEY Battery Hold Down Kit features a polished aluminum finish that says you’re serious about performance.

Ideal for applications requiring the mounting of an additional battery to power accessories and high-watt sound systems.

  • Polished aluminum finish enhances under-hood appearance.
  • Prevents battery movement in any configuration and/or location.
  • One-year warranty protects against manufacturing defects.
  • Includes all components required for an easy install.
  • Designed and precision-machined exclusively for ODYSSEY Extreme Series batteries.

Product Specifications for Odyssey PC680 Hold Down Kit

BM Part #: HK-PC680
Shipping Weight: 2.00Lbs
Warranty: 60 Day Return

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