Exell A625PX LR9 1.5V Alkaline SLR Camera Battery – Replaces Eveready E625N



Exell A625PX Alkaline Battery

You can’t beat the power and reliability of the Exell A625PX, a specialty alkaline battery that has been produced with care. This battery produces 1.5 Volts of power to keep your unique electronics running for a long time. The A625PX battery is sized particularly for certain devices including vintage camera equipment, medical devices and much much more.


  • Chemistry: A625PX
  • Voltage: 1.5V
  • Also Known As: PX625, PX13, EPX625, V625PX, MR09, MR9, H-D, HD, RPX625, RM625, KX625, HD1560, 1124MP, Mallory RM-625R, Eveready E625N, Burgess HG-625R, 4370, 4371, V13PX, EPX13 , V625PX , HD625, PN625, RM625, 4625, 625, H1560, HD-D, M01, M20, 8930
  • MPN: A625PX
  • UPC: 819891010407
Battery Size: LR9 / PX625A
Battery Chemistry: Alkaline
Battery Voltage: 1.5
Battery Shelf Life: 6-8 Years
Brand: Exell
Warranty: Battery Junction 30-Day Warranty
Return Policy: Battery Junction Return Policy
UPC: 819891010407
Country of Origin: CN

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