Energizer Ultimate L522 9V Lithium (LiMNO2) Battery with Snap Connector – Individually Wrapped


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  • Lasts 20% longer than other lithium 9Vs so toys and smoke alarms won’t run out as fast, ultimately saving money
  • Anti-leak structure ensures the integrity of the batteries and prevents corrosion
  • Energizer is a globally recognized and trusted brands by households around the world
  • 10 Year Shelf Life assures that back-ups will be ready for immediate use, especially in an emergency


Item #: ENERGIZER-L522
Brand: Energizer

Energizer L522 Ultimate Lithium 9V Battery

Revamped Version of Advanced Lithium Batteries

These brand-new batteries are a revamped version of the older kinds of Advanced Lithium batteries from Energizer®. These cells are now known as Ultimate Lithium. Their voltage is 9V, and their chemistry is lithium. They are a primary battery, as opposed to a rechargeable. 9V batteries are commonly used in smoke detectors, so they have an important and a valuable function around the home.

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Energizer Ultimate Lithium 9V batteries are long-lasting — at nearly 10 years of shelf life, whether or not they are in certain devices. Now your child’s toys can go further on their batteries, and so, be more efficient — Ultimate Lithiums can hold onto their power and energy levels for up to 20% longer than another 9V that Energizer manufactures — the Max®. Tired of cumbersome 9Vs? Well, the Ultimate Lithium is at least 1/4 lighter than a typical 9V alkaline primary battery.


  • Now known as Ultimate Lithium; replaces Advanced Lithium 9V
  • Voltage is 9V
  • Chemistry is lithium primary
  • Are long-lasting — nearly 10 years of shelf life
  • Hold onto power and energy levels up to 20% longer than Energizer Max®
  • Is at least 1/4 lighter than a typical alkaline primary 9V battery
  • Anti-leak structure ensures user much security when handling them, as well as when they are fitted into various devices
  • Able to operate in both high and low temperatures: from -40°F to 140°F


  • Shelf life: 10 years
  • Chemistry: Lithium primary
  • Voltage: 9V
  • Packaging: Plastic Bag
Battery Size: 9V
Battery Chemistry: Lithium
Battery Voltage: 9
Battery Terminal Type: Snap Connector
Battery Shelf Life: 10 Years
Product Certifications: ANSI
Packaging: Plastic Bag
Brand: Energizer
Warranty: Battery Junction 30-Day Warranty
Return Policy: Battery Junction Return Policy
Product Weight: 1.196oz
Product Dimensions: 1.929″ (L) x 1.043″ (W) x 0.689″ (H)
UPC: 039800127041
MPN: L522
Country of Origin: CN
Associated Battery Sizes: 1604A, 1604D, 1604LC, 6AM6, 6F22, 6LR61, 6LR61XWA, 9V, A1604, AL-9V, E522, EN22, K9V, LA522, MN1604, PC1604, PP3, U9VL

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