Energizer Max E91 (2SHK) AA 1.5V Alkaline Button Top Batteries – 2 Pack Shrink Wrap



<div><h2>Energizer MAX Two Pack AA Batteries</h2>
<h3><em>Keep Going and Going and Going!</em></h3>
<p>The Energizer MAX cells are long lasting batteries that are ideal for a wide array of devices. Packaged in convenient shrink wrapped two packs, these bulk order batteries are perfect for OEM product manufacturers and high volume industrial or government use. Energizer Max batteries are mercury and cadmium free, and boast a shelf life of up to seven years!</p>
Cross-reference with – LR06, Duracell MN1500, R06P, SUM4, LR6, LR6A, HP7, Varta 4106, 824, Kodak KAA K6A, Toshiba LR6N, BA3058/U, NEDA 15A, 15AC, Varta 4006, Rayovac 815, AA, Panasonic AM3, Energizer Ever Ready E91, MIGNON, STILO<br><br><strong>Specifications:</strong>
<li>Two Pack</li>
<li>Battery Size: AA</li>
<li>Classification: Alkaline</li>
<li>Chemistry: Zinc-Manganese Dioxide (Single Use)</li>
<li>Voltage: 1.5V</li>
<li>Designation: ANSI-24A, IEC-LR03</li>
<li>Nominal IR: 150 to 300 milliohms (fresh)</li>
<li>Operating Temp: -18°C to 55°C (0°F to 130°F)</li>
<li>Typical Volume: 8.1 cubic centimeters (0.5 cubic in)</li>
<li>Diameter: 0.57″ (14.5mm)</li>
<li>Height: 1.95″ (50.5mm)</li>
<li>Weight: 0.81 oz. (23g)</li>

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